Vodafone Free Data Code Get 40gb FREE Internet 2020

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Vodafone free data or Vodafone free data code code for internet 2019/2020 is the topic of the day. At the end of this article you will learn about vodafone free data hack, vodafone free internet trick code, vodafone 30gb free data.

Hello and welcome guys, if you are Vodafone user today is your lucky day to get Vodafone free data. After today, you might not have to pay to get Vodafone 30g free data to surf the internet.


All the vodafone free data code in this article have been tested and are working 100% sure. This Vodafone free data code are USSD code based just like when you are checking Vodafone balance.

I have written about Airtel free data code too in the past, you might want to check it. Airtel has a lot of offers for you too including prepaid and postpaid recharge plans.

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14GB Vodafone Free Internet Data

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Vodafone is giving out to support lately to its costumers to help pass through the Corona virus (COVID-19) period. The telecom company, is presently giving its subscribers 14GB free data allowance for free browsing.

Subscribers are given 2GB free internet access on a daily basis to browse without restriction. Although, the free data is only available to users in particular states, it is also based on offer.

You have to be eligible to be able to enjoy the 14GB free internet access. Eligible users are always notified by sms but you can check if you are eligible by calling 121363 for vodafone free data.

To activate the free internet access follow the blue print below….

  • Get an active Vodafone SIM CARD
  • Insert the SIM in an Android phone
  • Switch on the phone and wait for it load
  • Go to your phone book
  • Dial 121363 and wait for it connect and disconnect automatically
  • Eventually you will receive an sms confirming your free data

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Congratulations you have just activated Vodafone free internet data valid for 7 days. You can check you balance by going through the vodafone official app. Wish you good luck enjoy your data.

Vodafone Free data Code

Vodafone free internet trick is the same as Vodafone free data code, the code is a USSD number. The vodafone internet trick code is a code that allows you accumulate up to 4GB free internet data to browse anytime and anywhere.

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Learn how to activate 40GB internet data for free by going through my guide below

  • Go to your phone’s dialer
  • Dial any of this Vodafone free data codes *444*8# or *444*4#
  • Before dialing it sure you don’t any balance
  • After dialing select any data bundle
  • Wait for 5 minutes and repeat the process again you will then be credited

To check your can Vodafone Internet data balance form, simply dial this code *111*2*2#.

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Vodafone Free Data Code 2020 offer

You can activate Vodafone data offer by simply recharging and dialing a simple USSD code. The process is simple, no special knowledge is required, all you need is to follow the below procedure to activate the Vodafone free data trick.

  1. Simply recharge your Vodafone with top-up
  2. Open your dialer and dial *999# or Open My Vodafone app
  3. Choose free data option and get instant free 10GB data

In no time, your account will be credited with a whopping sum of 10GB Vodafone free data. So these are all the tricks that allow you to get free 4G data on your Vodafone number. Enjoy the free vodafone data tricks!!

Vodafone Free Data hack Activate Free 9GB

If you are using Vodafone then now is your time to enjoy the latest Vodafone free date for free browsing. I will show how to activate a free 9GB internet data on your new Vodafone Sim. If you have bought a new 4G lte android or any 4G lte supporting phone then this offer is for you.

Requirements to Activate Free Internet

  1. A 4G lte phone (whether android or iOS)
  2. New Vodafone sim card
  3. Should not be used within 6 hours of registration

Vodafone Free Internet Trick Codes

Vodafone free internet trick codes are Vodafone USSD numbers to avail Vodafone free data when you cannot afford airtime purchase. Below i will be listing some free data hack codes that are working on all Vodafone number and how to check balance too.

How to get Vodafone 30Gb data free

  1. Open you phone’s dialer
  2. Dial 121365 or 121363 and hit the call button
  3. Select option 5 and click the send for data offer
  4. Now wait for the confirmation message for your 30Gb data to start working.
  5. To check balance dial *111*2*2#

Note:- This Vodafone free internet data code does not work on all Vodafone sim card, to enjoy it then get a new sim card.

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Requirements to get 30Gb data

No need for any special tools or equipment to get the 30Gb data and technical know is required too. I believe you already have all it takes to be eligible for Vodafone 30Gb free data. Below are the full requirements

  • A working Vodafone sim card
  • A mobile phone
  • Good network coverage

Ways to Get Free Internet

  1. Vodafone Internet Offers
  2. Vodafone Data Offers
  3. Getting Free Data By call
  4. Getting Free Data By SMS
  5. Using My Vodafone Mobile App for 3G/4G Data

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How to Activate Free Internet 9G

This paragraph will walk you through all the procedures and process to activate 9G Vodafone free data. With this Vodafone free data hack, you can browse anytime of the day and it has not limit. Now follow this the process below

  • Go to any nearby Vodafone store
  • Purchase a brand new Vodafone 4G sim
  • Register the sim card with your correct details
  • Do not insert the new Sim card in your phone until after 6 Hrs
  • After 6 hrs insert the sim card in the new 4G phone
  • Open your browser and go to Vodafone’s official website
  • Enter your Vodafone mobile number an OTP number will be sent you
  • Enter the OTP correctly and summit
  • Recharge either 1G or 3G data from the site
  • Wiat for 10 to 15 minutes to receive your free Vodafone data bonus

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Vodafone Free Data 2020 With App 1GB

This free data offer is new and everyone using Vodafone is eligible 1GB free data valid for 10 days.This Vodafone free data hack is a bonus given to anyone who installs vodafone on there phone.

The vodafone bonus is to encourage Vodafone subscribers to be using the Mobile app and keep track of activities by themselves. Vodafone app id the best way to keep control and monitor activities on your number, the app saves you the stress of always calling the call

How to Activate 1GB Free 4G With Vodafone App

To enjoy this internet free data by vodafone, you are required to download and install the App on your phone. Follow the simple steps below to learn how to activate 1GB Vodafone free data 2020:-

  • Head over to Vodafone official website
  • You can download the App from either Google Play Store or Apple store
  • Install the Mobile App on your phone
  • Open the App and login with your Vodafone mobile number
  • An OTP number will be sent to you, enter the OTP and summit it
  • Just immediately after logging in you will be presented with a big banner with data offer
  • Click on the big banner
  • Wait for few seconds, maybe 10 to 15 seconds for your data to be sent

Now you can flex all the free data hack by Vodafone free data!!!

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Vodafone Free Internet 2020 by Making Call 10GB

Vodafone allows you to get free internet data by simply dialing a number on your phone too. This Vodafone data cheat is among the most recent Vodafone free data tricks, it is simple and easy to use.

I will show you how to get Vodafone free internet 2020 10GB, step by step process. Am sure you want to enjoy and be part of this Vodafone free data hack, if yes then follow my steps below…..

 Vodafone Free Internet Trick

  1. Dial 121365 or 121363
  2. A voice operator will pick up the call
  3. Follow the instruction promptly
  4. Select 5 to activate your free Vodafone offer
  5. The Vodafone free browsing data will be added to you instantly

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Vodafone Free mb cheat

  • Go to Vodafone official website or google Play store
  • Download and install the app on your phone or PC
  • Login with your phone number or OTP code
  • Just on the second you login, you will get instant 500Mb free internet data

Try to enjoy this Vodafone free mb cheat app method while it is still working. If you like to enjoy more data offer from Vodafone by using proxy continue reading below

Vodafone Free Data 4G Offer and Enabled States

Not all states in India are 4G browsing lite enabled, but major cities like Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkata are enjoying it. 4G Vodafone data enabled states enjoy special data offer including 9GB 4G Data When They Recharge With 1GB Data Plan. This Additional Data Can Only Be Used In 4G lte enabled phones and it does not Work on any Other ( 2G , 3G) Mode.

Vodafone Data 4G Offer and Enabled State

States of india which are not 4G enabled do not enjoy the privileges and cannot avail the special offer. Areas without 4G enablement includes the following Haryana, Karnataka, Gujarat, West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra & Goa, Assam, North East states, and Rajasthan.

Vodafone Free Internet Tricks 2020

A lot of people using Vodafone are already using this free browsing cheat, you too need to join the Que. Since you can actually browse for free with Vodafone so why would you want to use money for 4G network.

Activating free internet balance is my top most priority in this tutorial. To learn the new working Vodafone free internet trick 2020 and start enjoying free 4G internet follow my guide below

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  • Head over to your phones setting
  • Go to network setting and create a new Access point for your internet
  • Make your access point name (APN) to “Internet” without quotes
  • Set your Proxy to: 168.333.199.10 and your Port to: 80
  • Open Your Youtube and start watching cool videos and continue enjoying 4G free browsing

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How can I get free data on Vodafone?

Vodafone free data can be gotten in many ways, I have talk about most of the ways to get it with free data code. For example with Vodafone app you can get free 500mb to browse, chat your friends on Facebook.

If you want this free 500 mb data cheat, just open your phone and dial *444*8#. This Vodafone 500mb cheat code would help you available to free the 500mb to surf the web without balance. Dial *111*2*2# if you want to know your free 500mb balance.

How can I get free 1gb data on Vodafone?

This 1gb Vodafone free data, does not just work with any USSD code but App. The 1gb data is valid for 30 days and it is a super speed 4G internet data, so you can use to the data to watch HD movies.

To flex the free data, you need to download Vodafone App and install on it on your smartphone. Head over to your play store or App store and download Vodafone mobile app, now sign in with your number or OTP and wait for 3 minutes for your 1gb 4G data.

Whenever you exhaust your 1gb data you can still avail another 10gb data by dialing a toll-free number. To get the 10gb free Vodafone data, dial 123356 allow the automatic voice operator to respond then drop the call.

After the call you have to wait for about 6 to 24 hours to receive your free data. To check your data balance, use the Vodafone balance number or dial *111*2*2# to know your Vodafone balance.

How can I get free data on Vodafone 4g?

Being that the major telecommunication companies are trying to out rank one another by special offers to subscribers, Vodafone is presently leading the race. In the free data quest in West India Vodafone is the leading company since the introduction of free 30gb for it users.

If you want to be part of the 30gb Vodafone free data code, dial 121365 or 121363 on your phone and select 5 as the voice operator responds. Now click send and wait shortly to receive a confirmation message with your data.

How do I get more data on Vodafone?

The best and only way to get more data on Vodafone is by subscribing to Vodafone data packs. You can also continue getting more data by dialing 123356 or downloading and installing the app. You can also get free data by using proxy server and configuring a new access point on you phone or PC.

One of the above Vodafone free data codes and tricks listed above should work for you, but if it doesn’t work then stay tuned as we update more free browsing cheats. You can also learn vpn free browsing tricks apart from the usual Vodafone free data hack and Vodafone free data 2020.


For now that all about Vodafone free internet data. In this article i have covered all about Vodafone free internet access bot by using apps, codes and other different cheats.

I hope this article helps you to avail free internet access legally using my blue prints and tips. I will constantly continue to upate the article with new codes regularly. Don’t forget to share this article with with your friends, use the social share button below to share… CHAEERRRR!!

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