Telenor Free Internet Code 2020 Enjoy Free 200GB Data

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Telenor free internet 2020, today i will show the most recent Telenor free internet code working in 2020. In this article you will learn telenor free internet code 2020 50GB, i will also show you telenor free internet app 4G.

If you are a Telenor subscriber then today is your lucky day because you will now be using Telenor free mb code. All i want you to do is sit tight take your time and read this article carefully.

Trust me, reading this to the end will show you all the secrets to browse for free on Telenor sim. This contains telenor free internet proxy 2020 so be rest assure the article is fully packed.

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Free 5GB Telenor Internet Data Code 2020

To activate the free 5Gb data, you have to send a free text message to a control number. The process is simple and you will not need any special technique to get started.

  • Open your phones sms App
  • Type 1 on the message body space and enter 771381 in the recipient space
  • Now hit the send the button by the left Conner
  • Wait for 10 seconds and to receive your free 5Gb telenor free internet data
  • To check your balance dial *999# and continue enjoying your internet

Telenor Unlimited Free Internet Apk

telenor free internet trick

A lot of people using Telenor are already using this free browsing cheat, you too need to join the Que. Since you can actually browse for free with Telenor then why use money for 4G network.

Activating the free internet balance is my top most priority in this tutorial. To learn the new working Telenor free internet trick 2020 and start enjoying free 4G internet follow my guide below

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  • Head over to your phones setting
  • Go to network setting and create a new Access point for your internet
  • Make your access point name (APN) to “Internet” without quotes
  • Set your Proxy to: and your Port to: 80
  • Open Youtube start watching videos and start enjoying the 4G free browsing

Now that is all about Telenor free internet apk using VPN tunneling app to access the internet. If this trick does not work for you then please try the next cheat.

Telenor Free Browsing Cheat Code 2020

telenor free internet proxy

This Telenor free internet trick for android works on all Telenor sim and it is totally free. You can ask well activate the free browsing cheat on all of your Sim card now. Enjoy the cheat while it still last because this free internet cheat will not last forever.

Note:- If this first free internet trick does not work for you simply try the next one below.

Telenor USSD Codes Details Short Codes
Telenor Main Balance Check USSD Code *363*4#
Telenor Net Balance Check Code *222*2
Telenor Number Check Code *222*4#
Telenor Recharge Code (Internet) *123*16*

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Telenor Free Internet Code 2020

This free internet procedure does not require any form of configuration setting, rather all you need is a USSD code. The USSD code will helps you to activate Telenor free internet by dialing a simple 3 to 4 number code.

Only Telenor sims that are up to 3 months old are eligible for this offer. So if your a new user you have to wait for your Telenor sim card to be 3 months old to enjoy this Free MB cheat.

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Follow the step by step process below to start using the cheat

  • Open your phone’s dialer
  • Dial *345*477#

On dialing this USSD code, a message will be sent to you notifying you of the free Mb cheat
You will be credited with free 750mb to browse. To check your free mb cheat balance, dial *999#.

How to Activate Telenor Free 500MB With App

Telenor rewards it subscribers with 500Mb to browse the internet for downloading and installing Telenor mobile App. If the first and second method to get Telenor free internet proxy does not work for then this is your opportunity.

With the App method every subscriber is eligible for free internet in this new year 2020. 500Mb might not be much but it can still use to watch videos on youtube, chat on facebook & whatsapp. Below is the steps to get started with free internet.

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Telenor Free App mb Cheat

  • Go to Telenor official website or google Play store
  • Download and install the mobile app to your phone
  • Login with your phone number or OTP code
  • Just on the second you login, you will be credited with free internet 500Mb

Try to enjoy this Telenor free mb cheat app method while it lasts, continue to see the latest free internet code. If you like to enjoy more data offer from Telenor by using proxy continue reading below

Telenor is free 5Gb internet data is a new cool working trick. The trick allows you to avail and enjoy free 5Gb 4G for 30 days validity, to activate and start enjoying it, follow the instructions below.

Latest Telenor 2020 lagao sim Offer for Free Internet

Have you kept your Telenor sim card laying down inactive for upto 3 months? now is the time to start using it again. Do you know that if you start using that your dominant sim card now you will be given free Mb. Telenor sim lagao offer code 2020

If you have any Inactive Telenor sim and want to use it to enjoy telenor free internet package 2020 then follow my steps below

  1. Open your phone message App
  2. Text IVR to 2222 or call 2222
  3. Wait for a second or two to receive your free 3000 Mb or 3Gb

This telenor free package 2020 will be valid for 60 days so you can enjoy it for two months. Voalaaaa enjoy the telenor free mb code.

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Telenor Free Internet with HTTP App Injector

telenor free data code

If you used Airtel sim last year then you might be familiar with HTTP Injector for free internet. In this tutorial i will show you how to use Telenor free 5gb internet with HTTP Injector.

The Telenor free mb cheat code process with HTTP Injector lasts for as long as you can use it so chill and flex it well. The below procedure will walk you through the configuration process.

  1. Open google play store on your phone
  2. Download and install the latest version of HTTP Injector
  3. Now click here to download the configuration file to your phone
  4. Open the HTTP Injector
  5. Click to agree with terms and conditions of service
  6. Now click on the menu bar and click on import
  7. It’s now time to upload the configuration file you downloaded before
  8. You will be asked to type in SSH account before you start you start
  9. Should incase you don’t have a SSH account just and create your account
  10. After creating the account just come back to your HTTP Injector and click start
  11. Finally start enjoying Telenor free internet 2020 with HTTP Injector 4G

Free Browsing Proxy server 2020 Freedom App

telenor free mb cheat, telenor free internet code

This Telenor free internet cheat works with Freedom App APK. With this free internet cheat, you will be able browse Facebook, Twitter, and watch youtube videos too.

The guide below will walk you through all the process to start enjoying free browsing

  • Download Freedom App from google play store
  • Install the App on your phone
  • Select mobile link
  • Click on DNS connection Mode
  • Enter 443 in the space for port then press start connection
  • Now start browsing with  free internet proxy

Hahaahaaha Now you can start browsing everywhere on the internet free of charge 2020. The doors are fully open with aid of telenor App, proxy, and also Freedom App APK.

In fact i don’t buy Telenor internet data anymore, all i do is use one of this cheats and get started. You too can do the same thing, you can browse and enjoy the web all day and all night with free of charge.

If you don’t want any of the above free browsing cheats then then i still have some for you. This Telenor free internet trick am about to show you works only for social media.

Telenor Free Facebook code

In 2020 if you love using facebook and you are a telenor subscriber then now is your time. You can be browsing all social media including facebook from till for ever with Telenor mb code.

This social media cheat, you will need allow you start using this cheat to browse all social media including whatsapp, facebook and others follow the process below

  1. Open phone’s dialer
  2. Dial  *5*325#

This Telenor free mb cheat  activates a 100MBs for WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter for free internet. The mb cheat works very effectively and lasts for 2 weeks without down time at all

Whatsapp Cheat Free code

Telenor free Whatsapp cheat code to chat on whatsapp without balance is the last part of this tutorial. The cheat is activated with a unique USSD code, the allows you to avail 3Gb whatsapp data to chat internet.

If you are interested and want to learn how to activate this Telenor free package for whatsapp cheat code then follow the procedure below

  1. Open your Dialer
  2. Dial *331#

Within a few minutes, you will receive a confirmation message with your Telenor 3G Whatsapp data fully functional.


Telenor free internet is in variety ranging from them proxy method, free internet with app. All this free internet cheats and codes are fully functional and working 100% in this year 2020.

Don’t forget to use the comment box to ask any question you might have if the Telenor free internet cheats is not working. You check out other free browsing cheat here on, don’t forget to share this article with your friends too.


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