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· Teach them using everyday examples

Using everyday examples is an effective method to build your kids’ knowledge about new concepts. It can include playing video games, watching videos online, and using social media.

· Consider Machine Learning as a School of Computers

In this school of computers, the human acts as a teacher and explains questions and answers. The computer acts as a student that follows instructions.

· Consider the Learning Processes of a Computer vs. a Human

Computers can store knowledge in the same way a human brain can store knowledge.

How to Explain Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Kids?

When we look at programming, we find various technical terms that are difficult to learn, especially for kids. However, there are specific ways to describe such concepts so kids can understand them easily.

Machine learning is a complex field. Artificial intelligence (AI) programs computers to learn from the provided data and make independent decisions based on the provided information. While it only seems suitable for people with technical knowledge, it has become easy for younger people to learn programming language.

So, follow these simple ideas to explain machine learning to your kids.

Kids Come across Machine Learning Daily

When your child performs an action on the computer, and the computer responds accordingly, it’s machine learning. Typically, kids come across it every day in situations like:

Using social media: when kids browse Instagram or Tiktok, individual posts are in a specific order. It is machine learning that picks the most exciting content and delivers it to users.

Searching on YouTube: an everyday example is how technology has made it very easy to explore things on YouTube. Videos and other content appear in seconds, just one after another. In this scenario, the machine learning-powered platform helps suggest what will come next.

Playing video games: when a bot reacts to your kid’s response, it is machine learning in action. This way, games become more exciting and challenging for your kids.

Machine learning and the School of Computer


Machine learning algorithm acts as the school of computers. Humans instruct computers to take a specific action, and computers respond accordingly. Programmers teach a computer to learn a set of examples and concepts through a dataset, which pushes it to develop computer knowledge. But your lesson doesn’t end there, because AI learning for kids can deliver promising results.

As time passes, computers will be able to answer more complex questions using intelligent answers. A computer cannot decide the correct answer itself, but it can respond based on the data you feed it. Initially, the computer may have trouble choosing good solution, but as time goes on, the computer builds stronger answering capabilities. The more information stored in a laptop dataset, the more likely it is to correct itself.

Machine Learning Develops a Computer’s Brain

The computer’s neural network and neural network of human brains almost respond similarly. People decide based on their experience and information, and neural pathways play a significant role in learning this. In the same way, computers collect data, store it through a neural network, and make a decision based on this information. Kids can better understand these experiences when taught through real-life experiences.

Coding classes can offer children new ways to learn about machine learning. Code kid is useful as kids learn through coding classes to develop an understanding of machine learning. This can take them towards better opportunities in the future.

Example of Human Learning


Suppose a kid loves to eat pizza and thus celebrates his birthday in an Italian restaurant every year. This year too, his dad will arrange a birthday party, so it’s obvious that he won’t select a Chinese restaurant. Rather, he’ll pick a venue based on his knowledge about his kid, which is that he loves pizza

Example of Machine Learning

Suppose your kid is scrolling through Instagram to look at pictures of tasty burritos and searches for a ‘nice café’ near him. When he types data into a search engine, it knows that the kid is searching for these photos and suggests the closest restaurant nearby.

So, it is clear that the computer has an authentic system called machine learning to track each query on multiple platforms. The computer learns from you and suggests things for you based on its knowledge about you. Ultimately, we are all dependent on technology to learn our preferences and interests to help us lead convenient lives.

How to Teach Kids about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence?

Keeping all the basics in mind, teaching kids to get a firm grip on machine learning can be easy. Machine learning engineers have programming knowledge of Python, Java, and JavaScript, text-based languages. Hence, even kids can learn these textual languages in some simple ways.