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Today I will be sharing with our fans from Poland and France latest Orange free internet 2020. If you are reading this article now it means you want to know Orange free internet code 2020.

In this article you will learn how get Orange free unlimited internet for PC and phones. You will also learn how to activate free internet 2020 with vpn and dns tunnel.

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As at now all the Orange Free internet cheats shared below worked fine. If you try it and it didn’t work, know that Orange Telecommunication company have blocked the loophole that offers the cheat.

Good luck with the cheat… Read On

latest Orange free internet 2020

Here latest Orange free internet codes 2020. This code help all Orange subscribers get access to an unlimited free browsing without restriction all day.

This free internet code is new and 100% working internet data code that gives you access to the internet. Note that this is not 5GB code, this code gives you unlimited internet as a Orange subscriber.


  1. At least 3 months Old SIM card
  2. A 4G smart phone

If you have these two requirement then you are totally ready to start browsing for free. The free internet code is very safe so do not worry you number will not be blocked.

These trick works from midnight till 6 O’clock in the morning. To activate Orange free internet, follow the step by step guide below

  • Open your phone
  • Dial this USSD code *141*1*1*1#
  • You will be sent an SMS that the code is not recognized
  • Dial the code again the second time
  • Now restart your phone
  • Open your browser and keep enjoying Orange free internet.

Voalaaaaaaaaaaaa that easy right yes that is all, now you can browse all day free.

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Free Unlimited Internet For PC

If you have computer, you too can enjoy a free unlimited internet for pc as a Orange subscriber. The process of activating Orange free internet is the same as in the case of the phone.

If you have been able to successfully activated the first free internet for smart phones. All the requirements of the first smart phone activation also applies to see you.

Do not forget that free internet code provided in this tutorial are 100%. If you have a computer and want to activate the free internet then follow the step by step guide below

  1. Dial this USSD code *141*1*1*1#
  2. You will be sent an SMS that the code is not recognized
  3. Dial the code again the second time
  4. Now restart your phone
  5. Open your browser and keep enjoying  internet

That is how to get Orange free unlimited internet for PC with USSD code. If this method of free internet code does not work for you then, i suggest you should try the next which is free internet using vpn settings.

Free Internet Using vpn Settings

Orange free internet using vpn settings is one prominent free internet trick that does not require USSD code. In this case, Virtual private network (VPN) Apps are used to enable free internet access.

The VPN allows users to browse the internet freely without getting detected by ISP. Browsing with VPN is not a crime, the VPN only allows anonymous passage of internet users simple.

With the Orange you can activate a free unlimited browsing without restrictions. If you want to enjoy this Orange Free internet code, follow the blue print below………….

  1. Go to googl play store
  2. Download Netloop Tunnel
  3. Now use these configuration settings below to enjoy free internet

Configuration Setting

  • Tick Enable Proxy
  • Proxy host:
  • Proxy Port: 8080
  • Enable header tweaking
  • Choose tweak type: Injection
  • Inject query/url: http://mobie.
  • Inject Host: mobile.
  • Injection line: press enter 4 times
  • Now go back to the android simple server main menu, and tap “Local server settings”
  • Buffer size: 8092
  • Concurren connection: 10
  • Go to log level and select “DEBUG”.

Now return to homepage and click on connect.

That is all just be patient for the app to connect and then you can start enjoying Orange free internet code with VPN.

Slow dns Free Internet

This trick makes of the DNS tunneling protocol to provide Orange users with easy internet access. On Android, the number of DNS tunneling apps are just a few which leaves us to chose any of; Slow DNS, TunnelCat, and a few others.

In this post, we will be making use of both Slow DNS and TunnelCat. We before proceed, i want you to know that the DNS form of browsing won’t give you super fast Internet connection..just expect a normal speed at its best.

Dns Tunnel Free Internet With Proxy Server

This process of free browsing allows you to get Orange free internet code working for both PC and phones. If you want to enjoy this free internet access just do as i have said below.

  • server:host
  • proxy address:
  • download uc browser 9.2 and then go to handler menu..
  • network settings
  • 3server:host
  • proxy address:

For today that is all about Orange free internet 2020 with and without code. If you find anything hard to do, just use the comment section to ask and we will respond to you shortly.

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