MTN Data Plan 2019, Subscription Code And Prices

MTN Data Plan 2019, Subscription Code And Prices

OkMTN Data Plan 2019, Subscription Code And Prices.

Hey, I have complied complete 2019 MTN data plan codes. I have taken my time to sort and analyze each plan.

As we all know that MTN has the largest network coverage in the country than other networks. I will be sharing with you details of updated MTN tariff data plan. It includes from mini plans to mega ( bigger)plans.

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MTN offers pay as you go plan, you can purchase data bundle or browse per kilobyte you use. This article covers hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and even quarter of year plans. This plan are of different varieties with their respective codes to subscribe.

This article doesn’t contain only MTN data plan but also show you how to subscribe for each plan by yourself. I advice you to sit and explore with me. MTN Nigeria have made some changes to their pervious data plan.

My team will always update this post if there is a change in MTN data plans. Stay tuned and visit regularly for update.

Full List Of MTN Data Plan With Subscription Code

Here is list of working and update data plan for MTN Nigeria….

Here is the hack to get information concerning MTN tariff plan details, *131*1#…

MTN N100 Data Plan

This data plan is the cheapest in MTN tariff plan. This plan is the lowest that allows you to enjoy 50MB for just a day. For you to subscribe for this plan, you must have up to 100 naira recharge on your phone. It is cool to use this plan and checkout MTN network in your area, how fast or slow it is. This plan is not suitable for heavy data users. To subscribe for this plan send 104 to 131, data validity is for 24 hours that’s a day.

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MTN N200 Data Plan

This is another mini plan that you can use for few minutes or hours. I recommend this plan when you need to complete a download, chat on whatsapp, facebook but don’t use it on other social network like Instagram. Like I said before this data plan falls on MTN daily data bundle. To subscribe for this plan text 113 to 131 and make sure you have up to the service charge amount.

MTN N300 Data Plan

This data bundle allows you to 150MB for 7 days. Unlike the N200 data plan capped to 24 hours, this plan is valid for 24 hours. By subscribe to this plan you will receive 150 worth of data to enjoy for one week from the day if subscription. To subscribe to this plan, make sure you have up to N300 credit in your summer balance. If not recharge that and text 102 to 131 to activate the offer.

MTN N500 For 500MB ( MTN Data Plan Code For 500 Naira )

This data plan is better than the above MTN data plans, with 500 naira you can enjoy 500MB of data plus extra 250MB. The 500 megabyte of data is valid for 7 days, that for a week from the day of subscription. The 250 megabyte is valid for a day and expires once it is 1 am that same day. To subscribe to this data plan text 103 to 131.

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MTN 1000 Naira for 1GB (MTN Data Plan Code For 1000 Naira)

This is one of the most popular MTN data bundle, this data plan is the most used. In this plan you get to enjoy 1000 MB that’s 1GB with 500MB bonus. The 1GB data is valid for 30 days or one month while the 500MB is valid for 24 hours. This shows that this plan is a monthly data bundle. To subscribe for this data plan text or send 106 to 131.

MTN N200 For 1.5GB Data

This plan is one of the monthly data plan that’s for medium data users. This plan is good of you are not using the Internet for a lot of downloads and research. I have used this plan for some couple of days. The fact is that it wouldn’t reach that one month before it finishes. This data plan offers you 1500MB that’s 1.5GB data unlike the 100 naira plan. The 500MB data is not limited, it is valid for one month like others. To subscribe for this plan, text 130 to 131.

MTN 2000 Naira For 2.5GB

This MTN tariff data plan allows you to enjoy 2.5GB for 2000 naira. This data bundle also offers extra 1GB which is valid for 24 hours. The 2.5GB is valid for one month. To subscribe for this plan text 110 to 131.

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Other MTN Data Bundle Plan 2019

• N3500 for 5GB valid for one month. To subscribe for the MTN 5GB plan, text 107 to 131.
• N5000 for 10GB valid one month. To subscribe for the 10GB MTN data plan, text 116 to 131.
• N10,000 for 22GB valid for 3 months. This plan is for heavy data users, to subscribe for this plan text 117 to 131.
• N20, 000 for 50GB valid 3 months. This MTN data plan is good for family use, good for business centers. To subscribe text 118 to 131.
• N50, 000 for 85GB valid for 90 days. To subscribe for this data plan text 133 to 131.

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