MTN 500 For 1gb Data Cheat Code

Get 1gb For 500 on mtn for One Month, mtn 500 for 2gb, MTN #500 data plan code

The new MTN 500 for 1GB data plan is available to all MTN subscribers including 3G smart phone users. If you are a 4G smart phone user then this article is for you too as you too can enjoy MTN 500 for 2GB 2020.

The 500 naira data is categorized into 1GB and 2GB valid for 7 days. At first i will show you how to get mtn 500 for 2gb 2020 but bear in mind this data plan cannot be valid for up to one month.

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In this article, i will you will learn about mtn 500 for 2gb 2020 code. You will also learn how to check MTN 500 for 1GB balance validity for 7 days and MTN mtn 500 for 1gb for one month.

You should please know that all and every trick shared in this article is 100% working. If one of the codes does not work for you i will advice you to try the very next one.

MTN 500 For 2gb 2020

MTN 500 for 2gb 2020 is a biweekly data plan for all MTN prepaid users. I subscribe to this data plan a lot after every 2 days since last year December, trust me it is a good one.

This data plan is a 2 days valid MTN data plan. If you have a heavy downloading to do i recommend that you check out this MTN data plan as it will go a long way helping.

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If you want to subscribe to this plan follow the steps below to get started with mtn 500 for 1gb…..

  • Open your phone
  • Dial *131*1*1#
  • A new window will open
  • Now you need to select 5 and send
  • After selecting the 2GB data you need to confirm your selection
  • Lastly you need to select 1 or 2 in the new window to confirm selection

That is all you have just successfully activated MTN 500 for 2GB data plan. In next tutorial you will learn about MTN 1GB for N500 and check your bonus data balance. NTN 500 for 1gb

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MTN 1gb For 200 Data Plan

This is not a MTN data cheat but seriously is a good data plan to enjoy. MTN 1gb For 200 just like in the case of Airtel 1GB for 200 is a special hidden MTN data plan activated a with a simple USSD code.

This data plan just like the MTN 500 for 1GB data is stamped with 7 days validity. The plan is available without selection to all MTN subscribers except postpaid subscribers.

If you like this data plan and wish to enjoy part of the bonus then simply dial *131*65*2# to activate it. On dialing the USSD code, you will receive a success message.

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MTN Pulse 1GB data for N500 Tariff plan

To get the MTN 1GB for N500, just go ahead and dial *406#, then 2 and 1. You are done. Understand that the *406# code is to migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan.

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You will then receive a total of 1GB but 500MB will be credited to your data main account while the 500MB bonus will be credited to the bonus account.

You must note that, it is valid for 7days.All the data bundle, the calls and the rest is valid for 7days.

How To Get 1gb For 500 on MTN For One Month

Unfortunately, this Plan has been reduced from 1GB to 500MB for N500. You will then receive a total of 1GB but 500MB will be credited to your data main account while the 500MB bonus will be credited to the bonus account.

By 6pm yesterday, I got a text from MTN Nigeria last night. The MTN got to me by 6:13pm, so I decided to write on it today by early morning. To be frank with you, MTN are really trying.


Well for now that is all about MTN 1gb for 500, this article have also covered other MTN data cheats including MTN 2GB for 500. If you ever have any question, please ask using the comments box and do not forget to share this article with your friends.

Thanks for making out time to read, stay tuned for free internet and calls cheats.


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