Latest Airtel free data and internet 1GB 2020

how can i get free data on airtel

If you are an android phone user reading this article now, today i guarantee you to get Airtel free data and internet, i also guarantee that you will get 1GB free Airtel data and you will learn how to activate the 1GB data for other people and start making your cool money online only if you read this article till the end.

Am pretty sure that there must have been times when you have wanted to surf the internet for something very important to you.

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Maybe you wanted to login to you facebook then you get that weird message. Message saying their customer you do have any active data bundel, please subscribe to a data plan to enjoy unlimited internet right.

How it feels to free bonus

Yes if feels awful to see such message especially when you now you have any money to subscribe, good news you can now get Airtel free data and internet 1GB.

Airtel has it way of enticing it’s costumers to make them happy and keep them coming back as this is a good strategy to help keep the market going and everyone happy.

Today in this article i will be showing you how to get airtel free data and internet using the latest airtel free data cheat, that way you will not have use you money or airtime recharge to subscribe for any data plan again.

I hope that sounds good, i bet you yes it does. If you are still reading this article then shows that you are serious about getting this airtel free data cheat cheat.

I want you to please read this article to end to get the understanding of how to get this free airtel internet bonus working on your phone.

Lastly after reading this article please don’t forget to use the comments box to tell us if it was successful or not and if you don’t understand something their too use the comment box.

Now lets go straight into the tutorial on how to get free data on airtel sim.


  1. A working airtel sim card, the sim card must be 4G sim card
  2. A working smartphone preferably android not ios or windows

How to activate the airtel free internet cheat.

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Below is a step by step guide on how to activate you free airtel data internet with the 3 simple steps below.

  • Dail *479# in order to view your weekly target or you can as well check your inbox for notification.
  • You need to recharge you sim to reach the target after knowing your weekly recharge balance.
  • On reaching your weekly target, you will be instantly rewarded with 250MB FREE. No deductions, no conditions attached to this data.

The bonus will be valid till Sunday 23.59pm every week and you will be swiftly notified immediately after getting credited with the airtel free data bonus, You can check your bonus balance by dialing *123# or *140# on your phone.

How to subscribe to Airtel FREE 1Gb weekend data

You can as well Dial *475# twice to activate 1GB data for free which is how to subscribe to Airtel FREE 1Gb weekend data.

Do you want to learn about Airtel Free Data

You enjoy 250MB free internet data every week (1GB FREE per month) when you recharge your line. All you need to do is dial *479# to reveal your weekly recharge target. Once you recharge up to the specified amount, you instantly get credited with your free 250MB.

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Your Airtel free data is valid from the day you reach your airtime recharge target level till Sunday 23.59pm.

Yes, after every recharge you will be informed of how much recharge is remaining for you to enjoy your bonus.

After that, you will be instantly credited with your weekly free data and a quick sms notification will be sent to your phone.

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Now enjoy the your free Airtel bonus

You will receive a pop up alert that have been credited with an amount of free Airtel data bonus. The free Airtel data is valid from the date of which you reach your airtime recharge target level achievement till the following Sunday 23.59pm.

Offer can only be enjoyed once a week. Dial *123# OR *140# to check your balance.

It is obvious that airtel is one of the leading leading broadband in Nigeria and India. It is also known for its reach to people in the urban and rural areas couple with fact that it provides a very good customer service.

So this has over the years made the company have a lot of customer base and the Airtel free data and internet 1GB it gives out from time to time.

Airtel broadband in Nigeria, India, Pakistan and Bangalore offer a variety of plans ranging from a postpaid to a prepaid sim network. Of course the prepaid sim network is what most people are in for because of the simplicity, user friendliness.

And many other offer you can for example you can get access to the Latest Airtel free data and internet 1GB 2020 just like i have shown you in this article.

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