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Welcome fellow, i believe if you are reading this you want to know how to check vodafone number of your phone. I will also show you Airtel phone number check code, Idea number check code or Jio number check code and more.

The fast 4-5 digits USSD code will save you the money and stress of memorising a 10 digit long phone number. The code will save you from the embarrassment and making a boss that knows his/her number of heads.

USSD codes are the easiest means to check your phone number instantly and free, but not all network providers supports USSD. You can use some telecommunication mobile apps to check your phone number but i will teach you the two methods.

Both using the USSD code and using the Mobile app option are good and effective but i will put the USSD code first. Let’s save your time and gone straight to seeing how to check Vodafone number.

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How to check Vodafone number with USSD code

The code to check own phone number is a stress free system for customers and to leverage customer care. It is very easy to know your number provide you will use the Vodafone number check code am about to show you.

  1. Simply dial *1#
  2. Then click on the button on your phone

In few seconds, in less than 10 seconds, in a pulp up message, you number will be displayed to you simple. You can repeat this process as many times as you want to check own number, just dial the Vodafone code.

How to check Vodafone number with Vodafone app

This method too is free to check your phone number but you will need the Vodafone app and internet data. This method is good if the USSD is not functioning at the moment, as it experiences errors sometimes.

I consider the Mobile app as good and close alternative to check your number and track other activities on your phone. Follow my steps below to get started now to fulfill the process

  1. Open your vodafone App
  2. Login with your credentials
  3. Locate your account and check the top right corner to see your own number

How to check Airtel own number with USSD code

Airtel being the second leading telecommunication company is known for its seamless customer service. The company always tries to cover the space other companies failed to cover and use it for good.

Provision of close to 6-7 seven types of USSD codes to check own number must be customer satisfying. Airtel has variety of codes you can easily remember one if you forget the other. Below are the airtel codes

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I recommend this first code below but if for any reason you forget it, then their are other codes for you.

Open your dialer and dial *1# on your airtel mobile

You will receive a message shortly and the message will contain your airtel phone number. This same code worked as Vodafone number check code.

If it did not work for you then try the below codes to check your airtel own number

*121*93# or *140*175
*140*1600# or *282#
*400*2*1*10# or *141*123#

How to check Jio reliance number

You are expecting a USSD code but no Jio in its case does not have a code to check own number. Rather Jio did provided the Jio App to check Jio own number and a number of other ways to fulfil it.

Depending on your preference you can choose any of the following options to archive the services JioFi, Jio 4G Voice Call App, Call To 1299, Call To Your Friends. Below i will show you the Jio mobile app process as it is the easiest way to check Jio own number

Method 1 using Jio Mobile App

  • Download the Jio mobile app if you don’t already have it
    Launch the app if it new on your phone, if not proceed to number 3
    Login to your app
    After logging in, click on the top left corner and your number will be revealed to you shortly

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Method 2 using call

You can as well check your own Jio number by dialing 1299 or by just calling a friend and get your number from them.

How to check MTN Ng own number

Unlike most network providers Mtn Ng makes things a lot more easier for you to know your own number. Your Mtn Ng own number comes as a default save number on your sim card by the company.

The numer is easy to locate on your phone book, simply go to your phone book and locate my number. Booooom you are done!!!

But in special cases where you can’t find you number in the phone book then you have the USSD code option. It very simple, just dial 1# and your number will show up.

How to check Glo own number

There 2 methods to archive this, i call the 2 methods the one and the one because it is number based. Dial *135*8# and wait a sec or two, you number will display as a pulp up message on the screen.

An alternative method is to call 1244 and follow the voice command by the call auto responder.

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How to check Idea own mobile number

Just like other mobile network providers Idea allows you to check your number by dialing a USSD code. Not just one code but you have upto 4 different types of USSD codes, if one does not work for you then the other will work.

Dial *1# on your Idea mobile phone Or dial any one of the following USSD codes and follow the instructions on the screen to know your Idea phone number.

*789# *100# *616*6#
*147*8*2# *125*9# *147*1*3#

How to check Tata Docomo own number

*1# is universal code to check own number on almost all the network providers, the same works for Tata docomo. To know your number just dial *1# or the alternative codes *124#, *580# and follow the instruction on the screen.

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