How to Check Vodafone Balance Net or Main Account

How to check vodafone balance

If you are reading this it means you are using vodafone and want to know how to check vodafone balance. It is very good and very important for network user to know and have the basic if not full knowledge of all vodafone USSD codes and mobile app.

Knowing basic vodafone USSD codes such as vodafone main balance code, vodafone net balance code and vodafone data allowance is very important. If you are the browsing type too, it is good for you to know the vodafone data balance code and data recharge.

Please pay close attention as you read this article and read the article till the end, ask questions where confused. I will answer your question in the next step and then answer more question subsequently in this article.

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Good question how to check vodafone balance

Your vodafone balance in three ways meaning three good methods to check your prepaid balance the same goes for postpaid. Either using the USSD code, Vodafone App or online balance check, which ever way you now depends on your convenience and preference.

USSD Code to check vodafone prepaid or postpaid balance

You have three optional code to help you check you prepaid or postpaid main top-up or vodafone airtime or call balance. You can dial either of the following codes *111# or *141# or you can chose to get your balance report via then dial this code *143#. This stated codes will help you check both your prepaid and postpaid balance effectively.

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How to check your vodafone balance with vodafone App

The vodafone mobile app is a one stop point to track all activities on your number. Activities ranging from recharging your vodafone balance down to checking your own vodafone number online without USSD code. The app has the answer to questions like how to check vodafone talktime balance, how to check vodafone number, how can i check balance in vodafone, vodafone check data usage and more.

Follow the below steps to download the vodafone App and start checking and tracking all activities on your phone.

  1. Open your browser and type or search for vodafone website and click the first link.
  2. Click on the download our visafone mobile app or go to google playstore to download and install the app
  3. Launch the app to enter your correct details and otp sent to you phone and you are ready to go
  4. Tap on the MENU at the top left corner to navigate and play around with the app

Happy vodafone balance checking with Vodafone mobile app!!

How to check vodafone balance online method 3

This can be achieved using the vodafone Mobile App or using the official vodafone website online. It is the same procedure to check vodafone balance with app and website so follow my lead below start checking

  1. Login to your vodafone App or website now
  2. Scroll down or cliCK the MENU by the top left
  3. Click on Support or Help
  4. Now click on Faqs (frequently asked questions)
  5. Select prepaid mobile and you will be given free answer

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How to check vodafone data balance using Vodafone USSD code

If you want to keep track of your vodafone internet data balance, you want to see how much data you consumed during a session, the data check USSD code is for you. Simply follow my steps below to check vodafone data usage

  1. Open your phone’s dialer
  2. Dial *111*2*2#
  3. Then you will be presented with a pop up message report of your vodafone data balance or a message will be sent to you

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You can check your data balance online too using Vodafone mobile App or official website, just follow my guide in the 5th paragraph.

Happy vodafone data balance checking online and vodafone data usage!!

How to check vodafone number with Vodafone USSD code voice call

Below is a simple guide for to recharge your Vodafone with USSD code

  1. Open your phone
  2. Dial *77 and call it (Note it is a toll free line so you will not be charged).
    The automated voice responder will answer your call, now select Recharge of Credit in the options given.
  3. After the selection, type the twelve-digit recharge number from the back side of the coupon on your keyboard followed by #.
  4. Then wait for the confirmation of the successful recharge

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How to recharge your Vodafone line via free text message

Just like texting to know you Vodafone balance, you can save time by recharging your Vodafone by sending a free text message. To recharge your phone via free sms online follow the below steps

  1. Open your message app
  2. Type DOBIJ VOD 657756789032 in the body section of your message please replace 657756789032 with your voucher code
  3. Send the message to 7700, Note this message is totally free
  4. Within few second you will be notified with a success message of your recharge

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How to recharge online with your Vodafone mobile app

Yes you can recharge with your vodafone mobile App or better still the Vodafone official website. Trust me it is simple to do

  1. Open your browser and type
  2. Now chose the option to Top-up using a voucher
  3. Enter the phone number you want to recharge and the voucher number.
  4. Confirm by clicking at Top up.
  • Congrats you have just succeeded in recharging your phone, a success message will be sent to the respective number recharged.
  • I hope this article helped you to check your vodafone balance and have answered some more questions. Please share this article if you find it helpful and don’t forget to comment about it vodafone balance check online.
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