How to check mtn data balance

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How to check mtn data balance is the question that brought you here, so read carefully to understand it well. Mtn Ng is always evolving on daily basis and making upgrades and changes everyday.

If you are reading this article then am sure of 2 things, either you are new to Mtn Ng or have forgotten the code to data balance on Mtn Ng. In this article i show the code to check your mtn ng data balance.

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Aside all the above i will show how to check mtn data bonus, how to check mtn sme data balance and mtn data balance ussd code. The good thing about this Mtn Ng operation is that the code is totally free to use at anytime.

There are other ways to know Mtn Ng data easily balance which i will talk about later in this article. You can actually know you Mtn data balance using the internet, by sending text message and by call.

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How to check MTN data balance

All you need to check Mtn Ng data balance generally for main balance is a simple 3 digit code. Simply go to your phones dialer and dial *559# then wait a few secs for the pulp up message to display.

Checking MTN balance with Text message

Depends on which method you find convenient for you, an alternate method is to text message to 131. I guess you want to know this magic now right? yes you do because most people don’t about it.

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To check Mtn Ng data balance with text message simply open your message app and send 2 to 131. Immediately after sending this message you will be replied with your data balance including bonuses. Wow that was super easy and cool, cheers to us, you can use this method to wow your friends too.

To know your balance with Call

This process is cool too but sometimes can be frustrating because of the procedure you will go through with the operator. If you want to give it trial then just dial 180 and listen to voice operator and follow prompt.

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How to check Mtn data SME balance

SME data is gradually taking the market by storm and the early data users find it hard to know their balance. The next paragraph is show you the tested, trusted and verified working for checking SME data.

Mtn SME data users dial *461*2# and your data plan balance will be sent to in message instantly.

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How to know your Mtn night plan data balance

The Mtn Ng night plan has been around for a while now so it’s no longer a new to thing most people. Mtn offers 500MB at the cost of ₦50 and 250MB for ₦25, for the Mtn night plan from 12am to 7am.

To subscribe for the 500MB mtn night plan, simply send “Nt2” to 131 in text message. To subscribe for the 250MB night plan, simply send “Nt1” to 131 in text message.

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The only thing still hard for Mtn night plan users is to know to check their night plan balance easily. To easily know your night plan data balance just dial *559*96# and 2 to 3 seconds for the balance. Alternatively you can easily open your phones dialer and dial *406*4*3# and your balance will be shown to you.

Thanks for taking out time to read this article on how to check Mtn data balance and USSD codes. I hope you should know how to about checking any of your balance now with the USSD codes and text message. Don’t forget share this article with your friends on social media and use the comment box to tell us any problem you are facing.

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  1. You can track your prepaid balance through setting up or signing up for myprepaidbalance pages. You can even add multiple prepaid accounts to it so that you can manage it all in one go. **Airtel**,** Vodafone** and** other prepaid balances **can be easily accessed anywhere as long as you have the app.

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