How to check airtel data balance

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You want to know how to check airtel data balance that is why you are here, i was just reminding you. Please read this carefully and get the full understanding on how to check your balance anytime. For Airtel data balance check code.

If you are new to using Airtel network then you will need the Airtel data balance check code. This code is the USSD number dialed in other to know your remaining airtel internet data bundle.

Airtel data balance code varies from one type of airtel to another. The USSD code that might work for me might not work for you on the same airtel network. You always want use the appropriate codes to get the actual balance you want to see.

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So i will be writing about all the list of airtel data plan and how to check airtel data balance of each data bundle. Lets see how to know your airtel data main balance before proceeding to other airtel data plans.

How  to check airtel data balance

Generally you can check your data balance by dialing *141*7# sometimes it doesn’t work. Checking your balance can also achieved by using the My Airtel care mobile App or calling airtel customer care.

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If the above code does not work then it means you, then you might be on a spatial plan not main. This means that you will need another USSD code to check your balance.

Open your phone dialer and dial *141#, then select and reply with 11 in the next screen dial 0 and send. *123*10# still works if you want to easily know your airtel data balance.

Alternatively you can dial *141*11*0# to quickly know of you data account balance on airtel. This USSD code fast, easy to memorise no stress at all very effective.

How to Know Airtel Data Balance With My Airtel Care Mobile App

Simply go to playstore to download this app. After downloading the app , you will need to login and navigate through the menu to see your data balance.

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How to check airtel night plan data balance with USSD code

In the past years airtel had not provide any specific code to know the airtel night plan data. This reason have made it hard for people in airtel smart trybe to know how much data they consume.

Recently the leading network provider have finally release a code to perform the operation. In other to check your smart trybe data balance you can just simply dial *123*197#.

Thank you for taking time to read this article, in hope you now know how to check airtel data balance. Always come back here to read about other telecommunication tips and tricks.

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