Best stock trading app in india how to make smart choice

best stock trading app in india

Gone are those days when the only way to trade and carry out stock exchange was only on computers and trade terminals. This devices were a bite expensive to afford adding to the fact that few people had the devices for stock trading.

Even if you had the device back then, the speed at which trading information were being process was slow.  And the convenience was minimal compared to the present day that smartphones are changing the game. 

Changing from how it used to be before thereby bringing good results from mobile stock trading app. Today you get first hand knowledge to make smart choice about the best indian stock market apps.

There was a time when even mobile phones where as big a block bricks, back then. All you could do with the mobile was to make call and maybe send messages with very limited feature and functionalities.

The evolution in technology and the emergence smartphones with high processing speed, have changed the traditional usage of computer for the purpose of stock trading. This smartphones have taken the market by storm because if it’s mobility, simplicity, user friendliness, affordability and durability it offers.

why you need mobile trading apps

In search for comfortability and high demand in the ease of stock exchange market trading, the mobile trading apps have become an indispensable part.  Everyone in the present age who has their money on the stock market.

Because of the advancement in technology you can now complete transactions, contact agents, get in touch with various brokers, check the market rate and decide the investments from the comfort of your house. Using your smartphone if you have the right and best technical analysis app for indian stock market.

Smart mobile phones are now our day to day companions that we carry all around with us. The working  ease and communication and many other variety of functions ranging from shopping, ordering food, booking tickets and even checking the value of our stocks- it’s all accessible on our phone screens.

The smart phones also brings the unforgetting fact that it is as mobile as the pants we wear around everywhere. So why not maximise the use this abilities, functions and features it provide to improve the stock market trading abilities to gain more profit using the best trading app in india 2019.

Today in this article i will be listing and pointing out the best among the best mobile app for stock market exchange. The apps that have all the functionalities and analytic values and updates you need to carry out your day to day stock exchange and market trades.

Before i go into listing this best indian stock market apps, i will like to bring the qualities of this stock trading apps in india.

Qualities of the good stock trading app in india

Fast and easy accessibility

The mobile trading apps are easy to get and install just like the regular day to day mobile app installation. Just search for the stock trading app name, download and install on the smartphone and you are good to go. This mobile device gives the liberty and flexibility to constantly check your stock online anywhere and anytime. Even while on your bed or kitchen.

All the changes in the stock market are automatically and instantly reflected on the screen of our mobile device or smart phones. This actually saves you considerable amount of time and money.

Validity of current market conditions and results

Nothing is as sweet and profiting in the stock exchange market as getting live updates of prices and values in the market. This stock exchange market mobile app brings all this update to you screen in real time and accurately.

The mobile app can now also help you expand your contacts as well as connecting with brokers, locating the good sellers and buyers. Your shares  in online investments to further expand the catch range of your earning opportunities.

Time saving

Most mobile market stock trading apps are equipped with analytic tools that rapidly gather live updates from different sites and compare them to get the right results at the right timing because in the the stock exchange market time is commodity and any slightest second waisted can cause an unbelievable damage.

Key features of any good stock trading app

  1. Exhaustive Market Information
  2. Accuracy of charts
  3. User Interface
  4. Ease of placing trade
  5. Live streaming quotes

All above features along with easy navigation through the app allow you to trade from anywhere and anytime in just few seconds!

List of the best among the best indian stock market app

  1. Fyers app
  2. OlympTrade
  3. Upstox Pro
  4. Enrich HUNT
  5. 5Paisa
  6. Fyers app

The number one best stock market app for trading in India, i am saying this out of experience i have using this mobile app. The Fyers app, have being duly equipped with features that made the appa stand out stock market trading app, some of this features include

  1. Good firewalls and high level of security such that no any form of fraud or unusual activity can happen on your account without your knowledge.
  2. Reliable chart system which gives great insight on how particular stock is performing.
  3. Technical indicators: We can see many technical indicators which helps in technical analysis of particular stock, which is mostly use by short term investor and intra day trader. these are few features among many.


This the second best app for share market as it is a world recognised brand in the stock exchange market. Over 100% welcome bonus is given to anyone after a successful registration which you can use for binary trading.

OlympTrade offers the most flexible and minimum start up investment plan of as low as $10. This fact makes it possible for almost anyone to become a trader on this platform.

Advantages of OlympTrade stock exchange mobile app

  1. Great customizable platform
  2. Low minimal deposit
  3. Beginner friendly
  4. Fast withdrawal times

Upstox Pro

Upstox Pro helps you trade and analyse the Indian stock markets in real-time. It’s Cutting edge charting tools, and live market data makes it most renowned stock market trading apps in India.

Enrich HUNT

Hunt is advanced mobile trading app for extraordinary market watch and for efficient trading with superior charting tool. Enrich Financial services is the best Stock broker in India with promising customer services in lower brokerage.

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