Airtel Double Data Plan Code 2020 Enjoy Free 40G

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Airtel Double Data or Airtel data plan code 2020 is special plan for Airtel 4G sim users just like Airtel 20X bonus. The data plan allows Airtel users enjoy 2 times value of every data recharged if you use the recharge code.

Airtel double recharge code is the USSD code used to recharge this Airtel for bonus. In this article, i will be showing you how to activate Airtel double data and recharge code for bonus.

After the double data, i will then talk about Airtel 20X bonus recharge code. You will also learn Airtel double recharge for Airtel bonus and free calls.

If you want to learn i suggest you should try and read this article till the end and don’t forget to share it. Before then, please check out my previous article about Airtel free data bonus and Vodafone recharge code.

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Maybe you should also checkout how to check Airtel balance that of Vodafone balance too. With the double data plan code you can browse all day through unlimited.

Airtel Double Data


Airtel double data code, Airtel double recharge code

Airtel double data allows subscribers to get 2 times the value of every Airtel. That means that if you recharge 100NGN then you will be given a bonus of 100NGN which will make your balance 200NGN.

Data plans too are cheaper with this plan and you get 2X of every data you subscribe too. Cool right? you subscribe 1.5GB and get 3GB at a very cheap rate compared to the normal rate.

To activate double data, dial *144# and select your preferred data plan. If it does not work you can use any of the listed USSD codes below to start with for Double data plan code 2020.

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Short codes for Airtel double data plan

This are the available working short codes

  1. Dial *496# to enjoy 3GB for #1000
  2. Go and dial *466*161# to enjoy 5GB for #1500
  3. Dial *437# to enjoy 7GB for #2000
  4. Dial *438*1# to enjoy 18GB for #4000

You can select any of the codes above of which is more suitable to you. Subscribe now and continue enjoying an unlimited cheap internet access with double data code.

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Airtel Double Recharge Code

Airtel double data code, Airtel double recharge code

Airtel Double Recharge Code 2020 been an updated code is the latest of this year. To enjoy double data, you will need Airtel double recharge code to get started all the bonus.

I will list down the Airtel double recharge codes for fast and easy recharging in the next paragraph. Just like the codes i have listed above this codes too are a bit similar to those.

These are the available double data offer on the Airtel network. If you are an Airtel subscriber, you can enjoy these double data plans if you receive the text indicating double data offer.

  • Dial *496# to enjoy 3GB for #1000
  • Now dial *466*161# to enjoy 5GB for #1500
  • Dial *437# to enjoy 7GB for #2000
  • Just dial *438*1# to enjoy 18GB for #4000
  • Dial *499# to enjoy 20GB for #5000
  • Dial *410*161# to enjoy 30GB for #8000
  • Head over dial *411# to enjoy 35GB for #12000
  • Dial *438*1# to enjoy 40GB for #14500
Any of this mentioned should serve the purpose of doubling your bonus code.

Airtel Double Data 2020

Normally, in the previous years, 1.5GB used to cost about 1000NGN which is an expensive one. But now, Double data will give you 3GB data offer for you to continue browsing.

Sorry to tell you this but you can enjoy this plan unless you are eligible. Now how do you get eligible for the plan? good question, getting eligible is simple, you just to do some few things and that is all.

To become an Airtel double data subscriber, simply go to your sms App and DOUBLE DATA to 141. If you are eligible you will be notified and if you are not you will be notified by sms.


Lets assume you are eligible and you really want to start enjoying this bonus, the next line will show you how to. To flex 7GB worth of Airtel internet double data, it now cost N2000.

In the previous days it used to be just 3.5GB data worth for the same N2000 withis now 7GB. If you want to activate this Airtel offer, then simply dial *437#.

For 18GB worth of data, it is now priced at the rate of N4000. This data plan used to be N4000 for 9GB before now but the double data offer has taken charge. Please dial *438*1# to subscribe.

Well that will be all for now about Airtel double data and double data code 2020. If you have any more questions please use the comment box to tell us and we will be glad to help you. And lastly don forget to share this article using the share button bellow……………. thanks for your time.

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