Airtel data bonus code for Double Data And 20X Bonus

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Airtel data bonus code 2020 is a NOT a cheat code for Airtel data plan but a double data bonus code. The code allows almost all Airtel subscribers to enjoy a great value added bonus on every recharge.

What is Airtel Data Bonus Code

Airtel 20X bonus is one prominent tariff plan as part of the bonus recharge code. With this Airtel data bonus code, you can enjoy upto 20X free bonus data bonus to browse and make voice calls.

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Today in this article, you will learn about airtel data plan and airtel double data code. This article will also help you know all airtel bonus code, airtel 20x bonus code and airtel free data bonus and migration codes.

Airtel Double Data Code 2020

Airtel double data allows subscribers to get 2 times the value of every Airtel. That means that if you recharge 100NGN then you will be given a bonus of 100NGN which will make youe balance 200NGN.

To activate double data, dial *144# and select your preferred data plan. If it does not work you can use any of the listed USSD codes below to start with for Double data plan code 2020.

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Short codes for Airtel double data plan

  • Dial *496# to enjoy 3GB for #1000
  • Go and dial *466*161# to enjoy 5GB for #1500
  • Dial *437# to enjoy 7GB for #2000
  • Dial *438*1# to enjoy 18GB for #4000

NOTE, all codes that will be shown to you in this article are working 100%. Some of the code and tricks works on old SIM CARD while Others works on New SIM CARDs, but don’t worry everything will be let known to you.

Before we continue, you i recommend you check our Airtel 1GB for #200 data plan. You might want to know about Airtel data plan, How to migrate to MTN Beta Talk or MTN Yafun Yafun code.

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Airtel 30GB Free VOLTE Data

Airtel 30GB free Volte data program is not completely a Double data plan. But the volte program is fantastic that it allows users to make call and browse all at the same time.

With Airtel Volte you will be getting a very High quality service. In fact some call it a HD internet and voice call service .

To activate VOLTE program, follow guide below to get started.

  • Go to Airtel VOLTE official website
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Click check
  • If you are eligible, you will be created asap

Latest Airtel Data Bonus Code 2020

Like i have mentioned before Airtel data bonus code are very plenty depending on the tariff you are. We will only learn about the latest bonus codes in this article.

The most prominent Airtel Data bonus among others is the Airtel double data bonus. This bonus plan gives Airtel users 2 times (2X) the value of every data or credit recharge.

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Airtel Bonus Code 2020

Just like the Airtel double data and Airtel 20X bonus Airtel bonus code allows Airtel users enjoy value added on very recharge. Just imagine you recharge #1000 and #10,000 for free calls and internet free data.

The latest Airtel bonus code allows you enjoy 6 times value added for every recharge. This value added bonuses can be used for data, SMS and calls to all Nigerian network.

The bonus is only available for only Airtel prepaid subscribers, validity of the bonus depends on the recharge denomination. To start enjoying this free bonus and great offers Simply dial *555*Recharge Pin#.

Airtel 20x Bonus Code For Free Recharge

This another Airtel data and call bonus plan that allows user activate 20 times value added. Subscribers of this plan stand the chance to enjoy up to 200% bonus data on every recharge above #50.

This plan is like MTN Yafun Yafun plan that is the first plan by default on all MTN SIM CARDS. Airtel 20X bonus is the default plan that has been be preset for all new Airtel SIM CARDS.

This plan is automatically activated on every Airtel SIM Card until then end of 3 months when it is deactivated. This implies that every new Airtel user is entitled to this plan for 3 months before been migrated.

If you ever feel interested in the Airtel 20X data bonus then you can use the next guide to get started. You can activate the 20X offer by dialing the subscription menu or direct subscription codes seen below……

  • N100 Dial *241# and select preferred option or dial *241*100#
  • N200 *241*200#
  • N300 *241*300#
  • N500 *241*500#
  • N1,000 *241*1000#

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How To Check Airtel 20x Bonus Balance?

Just like every other time i will always say to check your balance use the below guide….

  • Open your dialer
  • Dial this USSD code
  • Dial *223# to check your bundle balance

How Long Does Airtel 20x Bundle Last?

If you have subscribed to any of the above plan then you will receive 20X of your normal Recharge. This bundle package is valid for 30 days.

You can now see that the Airtel 20X bundle bonus is what it. I recommend you should migrate to the tariff plan now to start enjoying all the goodies involved.

Airtel Free Data Bonus

This no new news o some while it is to some, which ever way, i will still show you the way. Airtel free data bonus code for 2020 100% working and i want you too to enjoy it.

To activate any of the Airtel free data bonus please use the code below to select the most suitable for you.

Airtel Free Data Bonus Offers Codes

*141*13*200# – which gives you 200MB worth of data
*141*13*100# – which gives you 100MB Bonus
*141*13*50# – you get 50MB offer
*141*13*1# – 1MB free data for you

The above codes when dialed can give you up to 500MB worth of data if you are Lucky as they can be repeated up to at most 2 times.


This article should be able to help you activate all the most important Airtel free bonus for data and calls. Do not forget that if you have any question you should use the comment section to ask.

Thank you a lot for your time, please do not forget that sharing is caring, so do not forget to share this article on social  media to help others enjoy the Airtel free data bonus code and other Airtel free bonuses.

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