Airtel Balance Check Code 2020 Check Main and 4G Data Balance

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Airtel balance check code 2020 is a simple USSD code or number used for checking Airtel balance. If you are reading this article then you must be an airtel user, so pay attention and read carefully and learn how to check airtel data balance on android 2020.

Their are a lot of USSD codes provided by airtel, to achieve this different services on the network. Some of these code includes codes airtel data balance on modem, airtel own number, to check airtel data balance on modem, airtel credit balance and many more.

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I will help you remember all the Codes to perform the operations listed above in brief note. I will start with the Airtel balance check code then move to the other USSD operation codes for airtel on android phone.

Before i start, i hope you know what a USSD code is, what it looks like and how it is used. Every operation you want to perform on airtel has a specific USSD code, so you need to know what it is.

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A USSD code is number that starts with a (*)and ends with(#) sign and a string of numbers between. Example is *121#. Now that you have known what a USSD code is, i will proceed to airtel balance USSD code and how to use it on phone.

How to Check Airtel Credit Balance

Airtel credit balance, check balance ussd code

As i have mentioned before, Airtel balance checking number, this code is different from any other code USSD code. This is only used to check airtel credit balance and another code for checking airtel data balance. Dial *123# and get your balance report.

Check Airtel Data Balance With USSD Code

Checking airtel data balance is one of the easiest thing or operation to carryout on airtel with USSD code. In other to do this, simply dial *123# on your phone’s dialer and wait a few secs. After dialing the code on your phone , you will receive an sms containing your account balance.

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The code is very easy to remember so you would not to stress yourself over checking your balance. This code works on all Airtel sim cards both prepaid and postpaid airtel sim cards.

Do not forget that this code only works for Airtel and it is used to know airtel credit balance. To check balance for other network you will need another code to do that.

How to check airtel data balance via sms

With the aid of sms, checking of airtel data balance is very very easy. In this year 2020 all you need to do type and send a simple strings of words and send to airtel customer care.

In this paragraph i will show you how to simple check your Airtel free browsing data. To know your Airtel data balance via sms simply follow my steps below

  1. Open the text message App on your phone
  2. Type “2G Max” without quotes in the message body and send sms to 141
  3. Now hit summit and wait for 10 seconds or less to see your data balance via sms

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Airtel Data Balance Check Code

Like the airtel credit balance check code, the code to know your data balance is also unique. Don’t worry it is just a code with 3 numbers it is not difficult to memorise.

You might need to check airtel data plan balance in situations when you are not sure about how much data you have remaining in your account. Sometimes you might even experience a very slow network and you need to sure about your data so you need this code.

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Airtel balance checking number, code to check airtel balance, all these phrases means how to check airtel credit balance. In addition this i will also work through codes to check airtel data balance too in this article.

Short codes to check Airtel data balance

Airtel USSD Code Functions of USSD
Airtel Balance Check *123#
Check for Free 2G Data Balance *123*10# or *123*#
To Check Airtel 3G Data Balance *123*11#
To Know Airtel 4G data Balance Dial *121*8#
For Airtel Night Plan Data Dial *123*197#
Airtel Extra Credit *500# or 52141
To Know Airtel Mins Balance Call *123*1#
For Airtel 3g activation SMS 3G to 121

Airtel Balance Check Code 4G Data Balance

In other to check your remaining internet Airtel data plan bundle on airtel prepaid or postpaid sim follow my guide below.

  • Dial *141#
  • Select and reply 7 then click send
  • Wait for a second or two to receive a message of your 4G data balance details

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If you don’t want to go through the long process you can just simply dial *141*7# to know your Airtel data balance.

How to Check Airtel Data Validity Period

Knowing your data validity period helps your to clear the doubt of whether you still data or not. This operation requires a totally different USSD code provided by airtel to achieve this.

Open you phones dialer and dial *140#. With this airtel USSD code will help you to check  data balance and validity period. If you are still using a BlackBerry phone then the code to perform this operation is different.

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For Blackberry phone users the code to check your data balance is *123*10#, it is very easy. This same code goes for Android phone users to, but if you are experiencing any issue just dial *223#.

How to check airtel data balance code online

It is possible to know you balance online, whether Airtel data plan or Airtel credit balance without any USSD code. With the use of Airtel App or official website, the process is pretty simple.

Follow the simple steps below to know your Airtel credit and data plan balance online.

Method 1 using Airtel App

  1. Go to playstore
  2. Download Airtel mobile App
  3. Login with your number and OTP password
  4. Immediately after logging in you will see your account
  5. That was not hard, was it, i guess it was easier than you even though it would be right.

Method 2 using Airtel Official Website

  1. Open your browser
  2. Click on login
  3. Login with your Airtel phone number
  4. On logging in your account will be displayed to you

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Airtel Data Plan

Airtel data, is the balance used to browse the internet with any kind of device. While Airtel data plan is the list of Airtel internet subscription plan for prepaid and postpaid customers. Each and every Airtel subscriber have access to any of the Data prepaid data plans available on Airtel.

What is the use of Airtel Data

Airtel data plan allows any airtel subscriber to freely browse and surf the internet with either Airtel data balance or bonus balance.

Who is Eligible to Take This Bundle

Each and every Airtel subscriber is eligible The airtel data plan, subscription and check airtel balance.

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How can I buy Data Bundle

It is very easy to buy Airtel data balance and check Airtel credit balance. Just dial this airtel USSD code *XXX# on your phone and chose whichever data plan you want.

What happens if my bundle is exhausted and I do not renew it

If your Airtel data balance get Exhausted then you will be notified through a pulp up message. Airtel will also let
you know if your Airtel credit balance got exhausted in you account.

Is it possible to purchase multiple Data bundles

Yes it is totally possible to purchase another Airtel data plan, just dial *141# and follow the process again. After dialing the USSD code select which of the plans you want to subscribe to.

How can I roll over my balance

Should incase you could not use all of the data plan you have subscribed before it expires, you can roll over the unused data when you subscribe to a new data.

How can I check my main account and Data balance

To check Airtel main balance dial *123#, for airtel data balance Dial *141*7#. Check the table above for more Airtel short codes.

Well that is all about how to check airtel credit balance and Airtel data balance using the balance check code and online. Checking of you airtel data plan balance should no longer be a problem as i have written about the USSD code too.

Your friends might need this article too so not forget to share this article on your social media. Feel free to drop a comment too if you find this article helpful or if you are still finding it hard check you credit or data balance with the airtel code.

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