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Main visa options for working in Australia

This article presents in layman’s terms the main Australian visas available to a working holiday traveler to Australia. This is not an exhaustive list, but a useful summary advising on some key visa options.

Understanding Your Options The first step is to classify each visa. Determine if the permission is an independent visa option, which the applicant can obtain on their own? Or does the permit require sponsorship from an employer, spouse, family member, or state agency for the visa to be granted?

Next, determine if the visa is a visa to stay in Australia permanently or temporarily.

Once you have categorized the visas in this way, you can then look at the fees attached to each permission to see if the permit will help you achieve your goals by coming or staying in Australia, for example. Does the visa allow me to work part-time or full time, for whom, to do what? Can I study? Can I live anywhere, etc.?

Categorizing visas, in this way, will allow you to determine the best visa option for you based on your goals and personal circumstances. The options available will vary depending on your skills, work experience, qualifications, financial resources, and the ability to secure the support of a sponsor to assist you in your application.

Migration of General Skills – The Points Test.

A permanent residence visa (permanent residence) is the most advantageous visa to apply for as it allows you to stay in Australia permanently to live, work, and study and obtain Australian citizenship.

To be eligible for permanent residence, you will need to have formal qualifications and at least 12 months of professional experience in your trade or profession in the 24 months immediately preceding the submission of your application. Before submitting your request, you will need to have your qualifications and skills positively assessed by a designated assessment body and obtain 120 points to pass the points test for this visa.

Points are awarded to a candidate based on, among other things, professional qualifications, professional experience, age, English language skills, and time worked in Australia. Calculating your points accurately and correctly classifying your profession is the key to success in applying for this visa. An error in either of these areas often results in visa denial, and the applicant, rather than obtaining permanent residence, must leave Australia.

With this visa, you can live and work anywhere in Australia and are not tied to a sponsor or employer.

If you are looking for permanent residence and don’t score enough points to emigrate independently, sponsored regional migration may be an option you will explore after your working holiday visa expires.

permanent migration

Again, you must have qualifications and work experience to be eligible for a permanent sponsored migration on a points basis. However, you will either need fewer points or earn points to be sponsored for permanent residence through this visa flow.

Being sponsored usually means that you have to live and work for two years (as a rule) in a field related to your sponsor. For example, if a family member sponsors you, you will have to live in the city where they live, if a state government sponsors you, you will have to live in that state.

Remember that parts of regional Australia are some of the most beautiful in Australia and offer high lifestyles and opportunities for people who migrate through this visa flow.

Your immigration attorney or migration agent should be able to help you obtain state sponsorship, or you can apply directly with each state, usually through their websites.

After spending the two years working and living in the designated area, you can then get an unconditional permanent residence visa to relocate and live anywhere in Australia.

Sponsored temporary

If permanent residence is not available to you at this point, a temporary work visa may allow you to live and work in Australia until another durable residence option opens up for you.