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Immigrate to Canada and explore the best ways to meet the challenges of working in Canada

Having ranked Canada among the best in the world for quality education, health care, social welfare, life expectancy and income, Canada can indeed be a land of opportunity. With an approximate population of 34.5 million in 2011 (Statistics Canada, 2012), the country has consistently called and absorbed foreign workers and professionals to cope with the growing labour shortage. From work. As a result, each year, the country welcomes more than 150,000 distant workers to take up temporary jobs (Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 2012).

Although the country has suffered from a shortage of professional skills for years, finding work for newcomers to the country can be difficult, as foreign and professional credentials can be recognized as different from Canadian credentials. Going forward, time and preparation are significant, especially for certain types of deals.

Identifying foreign credentials on Maple Country can take a long time. The following organizations should evaluate it:

•  Accreditation assessment agencies

• Educational institutions

• regulatory agencies

Meanwhile, there are two types of jobs in the country, regulated and non-regulated Jobs.

Regulated Job

Unlike informal jobs, these types of jobs set standards of practice. About 20 per cent of occupations in the country are regulated by the government to protect public health and safety. Additionally, work in Canada in this category involves an organized title and requires a license or registration. The following are some of the occupations classified as organized occupations:

•  Nurses

• the doctors

• Engineers

•  Teachers

• Electrical specialist

For internationally trained professionals, this job market is an excellent starting point in their career. This type of work does not require a license, certificate or registration. Also, 80% of newcomers to the country work in unorganized professions, as it is the easiest way to obtain a permit in an organized profession, as well as to gain work experience in Canada.

Here is a shortlist of Non-Regulated jobs:

• Architectural technicians and technologists

• Accountants

• Computer programmers

• Formulation of technicians and technicians

• Financial Managers

• Translators, terminology and interpreters

However, some regulated professions may be categorized as unregulated in some provinces or territories throughout the country. Therefore, preparing and understanding all the necessary details about a specific profession is always an essential step in finding a job in the country.

Additionally, despite the urgent need to perform many essential jobs in the Canadian workforce, many job opportunities are not advertised and appear to be hidden from the job market. Often, information about jobs available to managers, employees and associates is posted.

To dramatically accelerate and increase the chances of your success, the following methods are also essential to help you find the perfect career tailored for you:

• Professional communication through family, friends, relatives or acquaintances.

• Direct contact with employers in a fun way.

• Job posting, which includes classified ads in newspapers and magazines. Nowadays, job postings are often posted online.

• Volunteering can give the impression that you are interested in working for an organization.

It seems that the increasing number of newcomers to the country, the long process of professional research, and the government’s strict language skills requirements may discourage you from working in Canada. However, seeking help from reliable, profitable, but profitable immigration companies, such as Illuminate Canada Staffing and Immigration, would be very helpful to your business problem or concerns in Canada.