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Explore 5 interesting places in Japan to visit on a short trip as a tourist

So you go to Japan for a visit. Excellent! Whether this is your first trip to Japan or you’ve been there before, likely, you’ve never seen much of this beautiful and mysterious country (for many westerners).

A trip that will only last a day or two – for example, when you pass through Japan on your way to another destination – may not give you enough time to see much. In this case, do your best to make a few daily trips near your place of residence.

However, if you are planning to be in Japan for at least 5-10 days and have some spare time, chances are you are trying to find the best way to spend your short time there. Fortunately, there are a lot of beautiful things to see in Japan. While your guide is undoubtedly filled with hundreds of things you can see and do, it is clear that you will not be able to see even a small portion of it on such a short trip. However, you will need to make the most of your time in Japan.

If you are going to Japan for a short trip, you are likely interested in narrowing your options to the most exciting places to visit. Here are five places to visit during your trip:

1. Visit Kyoto and Nara:

The majority of visitors to Japan arrive and leave Narita Airport in eastern Japan, which is mainly Tokyo and the surrounding cities. However, many tourists also fly to and from Osaka, Japan’s third-largest city. While Osaka is an excellent place that you can see by itself, if you only have a few days in the area, it is advisable to visit the nearby cities of Kyoto and Nara.

Kyoto and Nara are treasures from Japan’s past filled with temples, shrines, and other traditional structures. When you visit some particular areas of these two cities, you will be transported over time to ancient Japan. Both cities deserve a daily flight from Osaka.

2. See Mount Fuji:

You probably heard about Mt. Fuji, but did you know that it is the tallest mountain in Japan at 3776 meters (12,388 feet)? Its symmetrical conical shape is a symbol of Japan and can be seen from Tokyo (only to the east) on a clear day if you are visiting a mountain. East Japan Fuji (Tokyo area), you can visit this famous mountain by train, bus, car or taxi. You can take the bus to the fifth station from 1 July to 27 August. About 200,000 people climb this mountain every year.

3. Discover Kamakura:

Kamakura is the former capital of Japan. Today, it has a population of about 175,000 and is located near Tokyo. It has a beach and many ancient historical Buddhist temples that are worth a visit.

4. Go to Yokohama Bay:

Yokohama is the second-largest city in Japan. It is located along Tokyo Bay, south of Tokyo. The bay surrounding this prominent Japanese coastal city is a lot of fun to explore. Also don’t miss the vast Chinatown and Yokohama Marine Tower, the tallest indoor lighthouse in the world.

5. Take a shinkansen or express train:

Your visit to Japan will not be complete without a high-speed train or a shinkansen ride. There are already many train tracks around the country. One of the most popular is Tokaido shinkansen, which links the cities of Tokyo and Osaka.